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Oas36ty: Efficiency Boost Challenges & Thriving

Posted On September 6, 2023

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Sometimes, people might face problems like losing employees, tough competition, slow sales, supply chain issues, money troubles, and struggling to keep customers/leads. Oas36ty is a helpful tool that makes office work easier by creating and organizing tasks, tracking leads, and client management. In this blog, we'll talk about how to handle all of these problems with the features of our Office automation application.

1. Losing Employees Too Quickly: When employees leave often, it's hard to keep data running smoothly. To fix this:

  • Using this, you can make it easy to collect data on employees.
  • It keeps records of employees, and their work report and calculates their per-hour costs according to their work.
  • It will be easy and friendly for new employees to understand the application.

2. Facing Tough Competition in Managing Leads: Lots of companies are doing the same things, and it can be hard to stay on top. To stay ahead:

  • By using this best office automation application, you will keep an eye on your leads.
  • Create great proposals with Oas36ty to show why you're the best.
  • It directly converts the leads from the e-mails without using any third-party application.

3. Money Troubles: Managing money well is important. To do better:

  • Use this application to keep track of your finances including total receivables, sales, and expenses.
  • Create professional invoices with Oas36ty to get paid on time.
  • It also tracks employees' work and then calculates their salary which will help to spend on the employee's worthily.

4. Keeping Clients Happy: When clients aren't returning, it can hurt your business. To make them stay:

  • Please keep a record of your interactions with clients, it can be helpful.
  • This application allows you to provide priorities to tasks that need to be completed by the employees.
  • It reduces delays and helps in time management.


Oas36ty is a helpful application that can make office work easier and more fluent. Even when you face challenges like losing employees, tough competition, financial troubles, and low customer loyalty, you can use our office automation application to solve these problems and do better in your business. By using Oas36ty, you will stay organized, and creative and save time. Also, you can succeed in the world of office work. So go ahead, make your first move!

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