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Our innovative technology simplifies business operations, saving you 2-3 hours per day for each employee.

Why choose Oas36ty?

All-in-one complete office automation
From lead management, task allocation to generating proposals, invoices to full execution.

Benefits of our Features

Trusted CRM Software

Automate tasks, save time for sales and support teams to build customer relationships.

Email Integration

Automate tasks, save time for sales and support teams to build customer relationships.


Import your case details with one click and get the reminder of next hearing date on your dashboard

Real Time Analytics &

Automate tasks, save time for sales and support teams to build customer relationships.


Oas36ty software is designed by a team of Chartered accountant, Lawyers, IT & Tech professionals to enable office automation for practice management

Claims Portal
for IRPs

The claims portal allows you to provide a website link for public notices, manage claims filed by creditors, and track their status to help with your IRP compliances

As per survey Oas36ty save approximately 2 to 3 hours per day
due to uniques innovative technology which puts all departments under one cloud.

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Bring all your emails in one place, automated reference numbers for a proper email trail, and use our state-of-the-art Bulk Emailing feature with no limitation on the number of recipients.

Data Security

Oas36ty is cloud based Saas Technology offering the highest level of Data Protection using encryption keeping client data 100% secure.

HR Platform

Manage your Employee tasks, Supervision, Payroll, employee performance, and appraisals, Leave management, and complete HR solutions.

Cloud-Based Technology

No more physical files in your office with access from anywhere any place even using your Mobile Phone. Our SAAS-based office automation tool has cloud-based technology to make the office accessible from any location.

Compliance & Audit Trail

Full user audit trail and history with chat functionality. There is complete transparency, user settings allow you to control access for users and provide a full audit trail on each module with total data backup & recovery.

Scalability & Flexibility

We continuously enhance our software to make it scalable, adapt to your business needs and incorporate the latest tech industry updates.

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Why us

Zero Technology or People Investments
Unlike traditional automation solutions that require significant upfront investments in hardware, software, or additional staff, our solution is designed to work with your existing infrastructure. You can leverage the power of automation without needing costly upgrades or hiring additional resources.
Pricing Tied to Business Outcomes
We understand that businesses need tangible results and a clear return on investment. Our pricing model is directly tied to the outcomes you achieve through our intelligent back-office automation solution. You pay based on the value you receive, ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership.
Seamless Integration and Scalability
Our platform seamlessly integrates with your current systems, enabling a smooth transition to automated processes. Whether you use ERP systems, CRM software, or other business applications, our solution adapts to your needs. Our automation platform scales effortlessly as your business grows to support your evolving requirements.
Rapid Deployment and Time-to-Value
We recognize that time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our solution offers quick deployment, ensuring you experience the benefits of automation in the shortest possible time. With our streamlined onboarding process and intuitive interface, you can start reaping the rewards of efficiency and productivity sooner.
Customized Solutions for Your Business
Every business is unique, and we tailor our intelligent back office automation solution to fit your specific needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your processes, identify automation opportunities, and develop a customized strategy that maximizes your operational efficiency.

Challenges in
Office Management: How We assist you

in Office Management


Missing leads

Capturing all leads through email integration

Time management

Automated assignment of tasks to staff

Workload management

Capturing every timeline & auto-reminder

Budget constraints

Auto allocation of staff cost

Client relationship management

All staff, assignments & clients are under one cloud with respective rights

Data security & confidentiality

Online access anytime and anywhere

Lack of proper proposal & invoice

Analytics & Insights

Scattered IT supports

Mobile App & Support

Complex nature of insolvency process

Fixing due dates, follow-ups, & emails from the same assignment

Various legal times

Capturing every timeline & auto-reminders

Here's Why

Industry-Leaders choose Intelligence Office Automation


Engineered for CPA/CA & Accounting firms, backed by insights from industry leaderd

Global Accounting

Empowering global accounting excellence. Trusted by over 6000+ accounting firms worldwide

Secure Platform

Built on the robust and secure Microsoft Azure platform, offering 100% protection. Available for mobile and desktop

Support and Training

Comprehensive support and training: Seamless adoption, expert training and smooth data migration