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Posted On March 4, 2024

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Email is still an incredibly valuable tool for salespeople, marketers, and business owners. This is true no matter the industry you are in. There are over 3.9 billion email users. And that number is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.

So, if you want the best chance of reaching your prospects, potential employees, or audience, you need to be able to send a lot of emails as efficiently and effectively as possible. But choosing a bulk email provider is easier said than done. So, in this article, we will take a look at the top 13 bulk email providers in 2024 to help you make the best choice.


What Does Bulk Emailing Mean?

When sending emails in bulk, the blast is less targeted as opposed to a one-on-one email. In this case, you’re trying to reach as many subscribers as possible with your message. That way, you can increase the likelihood of reaching our marketing KPIs.

For instance, an e-commerce brand might want to offer a discount to their subscribers to encourage more purchases. An info publisher may wish to drive clicks to their homepage where a sales video is displayed. Any company might be launching a new product soon, and they want to let their market know about it.

A recent study showed that 82% of companies are using some kind of email marketing technology. That means if you’re relying on simple Gmail or Outlook, you’re already behind the curve. But you need to know what to look for in the right tool.


What Makes a Good Mass Emailing Sender?

In a perfect world, sending bulk emails would be as easy as clicking a button in your standard software. However, there are a few challenges with sending mass emails.

First of all, it can get costly if you’re using a regular email marketing platform. Secondly, you need to ensure your domain does not get blacklisted. When you send a lot of emails from a standard domain, it begins to trigger spam filters.

Eventually, this will get your company’s domain flagged to the point where hardly any of your prospects receive your email. So aside from that, here are some additional features you want to look for in your tool of choice:

  • Contact Management
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Integrations
  • High Delivery Rate (and Reputation)
  • Templates


What are the benefits of bulk email?


  • Benefits of sending bulk emails: Sending bulk emails can be a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool for businesses. There are several potential advantages to sending bulk emails. These include helping businesses reach a wide audience, generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.


  • Cost-effective: Bulk emailing is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as direct mail or print advertising, bulk emailing is relatively inexpensive. This makes it a great option for small businesses or those on a tight budget.


  • Targeted marketing: Email marketing allows businesses to segment their email list based on demographics, interests, and behavior. This means businesses can tailor their emails to specific groups of people, making them more relevant and increasing the chances of conversion.


  • Measurable results: Email marketing software provides detailed metrics that allow businesses to track the performance of their campaigns. Businesses can see how many people opened their emails, how many clicks they received, and how many people unsubscribed. Using this information to optimize future campaigns will improve ROI.


  • Increased brand awareness by sending bulk emails: Sending bulk emails on a regular basis can help to increase brand awareness. By providing valuable content and staying top-of-mind, businesses can build trust and establish a relationship with their audience.


  • Lead generation: Email marketing can be an effective way to generate leads. By including a call-to-action in emails, businesses can encourage people to visit their website or sign up for a free trial.

  • Automation: Businesses can automate their email campaigns. You can automate emails to be sent to new subscribers, abandoned cart reminders, and more. This can save a lot of time and effort and ensures that the audience is receiving relevant and timely messages.


  • Cross-selling and upselling: By analyzing customer data and behavior, businesses can recommend products or services that complement or upgrade the ones they have already bought. This can lead to increased sales and revenue for the business.

Increasing Customer Retention By sending personalized, targeted, and relevant emails, businesses can increase customer retention. This can be through follow-up emails, loyalty programs, and other retention strategies.

So, what are the key ingredients to success when sending bulk emails?


  • Build a quality email list: The first step in any bulk email campaign is to build a quality email list. This means you need to have a list of people who have opted in to receive emails from your business. Buying email lists from a low-quality provider or using lists that haven’t been properly maintained can lead to high bounce rates and low engagement.


  • Personalize before sending bulk emails: Personalizing your emails can make a huge difference in how they’re received. By using the recipient’s name in the subject line or in the body of the email, you can make the message feel more personal and increase the chances that it will be opened and read.


  • Test before sending bulk emails: It’s important to test the message to ensure that it looks and functions as intended before sending it out. You can do this by sending a test email to a small group of people or by using an email testing tool.


  • Use a clear subject line: The subject line is one of the most important elements of an email. It is the first thing that people will see. Make sure that your subject line is clear, concise and relevant to the content of the email. Avoid using all caps or exclamation marks as they can make your subject line appear spammy.


  • Make it easy to unsubscribe: No one likes receiving unwanted emails, and making it easy for people to unsubscribe is crucial to maintaining a healthy email list. Include an unsubscribe link in every email and make sure that it’s easy to find.


  • Monitor your results: After sending out a bulk email, monitoring the results to see how it performed is important. This can be done by using an email marketing tool that provides metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates.


  • Optimize your sending time: The best time to send a bulk email can vary depending on your audience and the type of email you’re sending. However, as a general rule, it’s best to avoid sending emails on weekends or holidays. This is when people are less likely to be checking their inboxes.


  • Use a reliable email service provider for sending bulk emails: A reliable email service provider (ESP) is essential for any bulk email campaign. An ESP, such as Hubspot, will help you manage your email list, personalize your emails, and monitor your results. It will also ensure that delivery of your emails are to the inbox and not the spam folder.


What Are Free Bulk Emailing Services?

Bulk email marketing services are handy tools that allow businesses and organizations to send large volumes of email marketing campaigns to many recipients. These services typically offer features such as email list management, template creation, scheduling, and analytics to help users effectively reach and engage their target audience through email marketing.


Key Features for Selecting Free Bulk Email Marketing Services:

These are the key features that you need to look in email marketing service before diving for it:

  • Deliverability rate- The success rate of emails being delivered to the recipient’s inbox
  • Email list management- The service should have the capability to manage the email list, including segmentation, email verification, and list cleaning.
  • Email template design- The service should have a library of customizable email templates that can be used for various campaigns.
  • Campaign analytics- The service should provide analytics and reporting on open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • User-friendly interface- The service should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use.
  • A/B testing- The ability to conduct A/B testing to determine the best-performing subject line, content, and email design.
  • Integration with other tools- The emails should be optimized for mobile devices as a significant number of users access emails on their mobile phones.
  • Mobile responsiveness- The emails should be optimized for mobile devices as a significant number of users access emails on their mobile phones.
  • Customer support- Reliable customer support should be available to assist with any technical issues or questions.
  • Pricing- The service should have flexible pricing options to accommodate different budgets.


Create your first bulk Emailing

  • Grow your mailing list: Collect email addresses using free subscription forms or use your existing mailing list. Upload a file with email addresses, enter them manually, or import your mailing list from another bulk email service.

  • Create a unique branded template: Use our convenient and intuitive drag-and-drop template builder or select one of our 130+ email templates. You can personalize your emails and add text, images, buttons, videos, and social media links.

Your emails will be responsive to all screen sizes — you can check what they will look like using our desktop and mobile device preview.

  • Run your email campaigns: Use Send Pulse's built-in spam checker to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted and improve your email deliverability.

Follow our recommendations and click “Start” to send your campaign.

  • Analyze your results: You can improve your email marketing strategy by analyzing your previous campaign results.

You can also track your email traffic and conversion rates using analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.


Email deliverability you can count on

Brevo’s bulk email service is built on dedicated deliverability infrastructure and run by a team of deliverability experts. We help you avoid the spam folder and deliver to the inbox every time.

  • Rigorous email validation process to keep spammers out
  • Closely monitored sender reputations on shared IPs
  • Fast email delivery (99.98% of emails delivered in under 20 seconds)


Easy-to-use Email Builder

Create responsive bulk email marketing campaigns that look great on all screen sizes. Go fast with our drag-and-drop email builder or code from scratch with the HTML editor.

  • Choose from 40+ customizable email templates and insert email design elements (text, buttons, images) using drag-and-drop
  • All Brevo email templates are responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Edit the content, change the font, and add images with ease
  • Preview your design on different devices and email clients




What is a bulk email?

A bulk email is a marketing campaign sent to subscribers on your mailing list. It is a perfect way to nurture leads, show your expertise in the field, and promote your products and services. Find out more about bulk emails.


What are the benefits of bulk email marketing?

Email marketing has one of the most significant returns on investment — up to $40 for each dollar spent. Besides, the number of people using emails is huge — 3,9 billion! If you’re not convinced that bulk emails are worth sending, check out their 10 more benefits!


What is the best time to send a bulk email?

The best email-sending time will depend on your audience’s habits, so there’s no universal recipe to get more opens and clicks. However, statistics show that the best email-sending day is Tuesday, while the best time of the day is from 4 AM to 6 AM and from 5 PM to 7 PM. Read a comprehensive report on when to send emails.


What are the email marketing benchmarks?

Benchmarks for email marketing metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate depend on the industry, time of the day, subject line, etc. On average, 20% of subscribers open an email, and around 2% click the link. Check out this report for more data on email marketing benchmarks.


How much does it cost to send a bulk email campaign?

With SendPulse, you can choose a subscription or a pay-as-you-go plan. Subscription plans are based on your mailing list size. If you have less than 500 subscribers, you can try our free pricing plan. With pay-as-you-go plans, you pay strictly for the number of emails sent. You can find out more on our pricing page.


What is a bulk email campaign?

It’s when you send one email campaign to a large list of subscribers. Hot deals, newsletters, updates, and invitations are some examples of bulk emails.


Can I send bulk emails for free?

With Selzy it’s free for up to 1,500 emails and 100 contacts. It’s a great way to start things out and test how everything works. Once you’re ready for bigger volumes, check our price plans and choose the one that fits your needs best.


How do I start sending bulk emails?

  1. Create a Selzy account and import your contacts.
  2. Create an email in the email builder.
  3. Segment your list to reach higher conversion rates.
  4. Click ‘Send’ and track your campaign results in real-time.


What are the benefits of bulk email?

Mass emailing is a powerful and cost-effective way to reach thousands or even millions of subscribers at a time. It’s also a great opportunity to boost your marketing results by using all the aspects bulk email has to offer. Use a visual drag-and-drop editor to create stunning emails like a pro even if you’re just a beginner. Segment your audience to send more relevant content for higher conversion.

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