Optimizing Lead Management with Oas36ty CRM Management Tools

Posted On February 6, 2024

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What is Lead Management?

Oas36ty Lead management system is a vital business process that involves identifying potential customers, known as leads, and guiding them through the stages of the sales funnel until they make a purchase. Customers now have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Most know what they want, who they want it from, and what they want to pay before they buy. This shift in consumer behaviour has made the lead management platform more important than ever.

Effective lead management involves reaching potential customers early in their buyer’s journey, earning their trust, and building a relationship with them. This process is not just about generating leads but also about finding quality leads that you can nurture into relationships. Quality leads improve your chances of turning prospects into sales, thereby growing your business.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of CRM & lead management software that facilitates it, and how it can help your business grow. We will also explore the different types of leads, the lead management process, and the tools and strategies that can make your lead management software efforts more effective.


What is lead management software?

Lead management software refers to all the ongoing processes involved in attracting leads (potential customers), qualifying them, and using targeted strategies to convert them into customers.

Lead management System, then, is software that helps sales teams manage these leads that come through their pipeline. At a high level, it includes tools for the following aspects of lead management:

Lead management system

Lead qualification and segmentation

Lead nurturing

Lead scoring and routing

Measurement of success


What to Look for in Lead Management Tools?

When choosing a lead management software solution for your business, it’s essential to consider several key factors that align with your organization’s unique requirements, including:

Lead capture and tracking: Look for tracking software that provides seamless lead capture from various sources and allows comprehensive tracking of lead activities throughout the sales process

Lead segmentation and scoring: Ensure the lead management system offers advanced lead segmentation capabilities. This enables you to categorize leads based on specific criteria. Lead scoring functionalities help you to prioritize and focus on high-quality prospects

Integration capabilities: Check if the lead management software integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, email marketing, and other relevant tools to ensure smooth data transfer and efficient workflow

Automation and workflow management: opt for software that automates repetitive tasks, such as lead assignments and follow-up reminders, to enhance productivity and optimize lead management processes

Analytics and reporting: Look for robust analytics and reporting features that provide insights into lead performance, conversion rates, and overall sales process and pipeline, enabling data-driven decision-making


How to use a lead management system?

Lead Management & Tracking Software ensures that potential customers aren’t dropped as they get passed from marketing to sales. Depending on which platform you use, the process may vary. But the basic lead management process generally looks like this:

Lead generation: Software draws prospects to your website via paid advertisements, search engine results, referrals, social media, or other lead generation tactics.

Lead capture: Collect consumer data through web forms to feed information into your CRM lead software.

Lead qualification: Determine a potential customer’s sales readiness by reviewing their pain point and how well your product or service can resolve it.

Customer segmentation: Divide potential customers based on location, demographics, and needs to personalize campaign efforts.

Lead scoring: Prioritize prospects based on the criteria your business deems most important, and place sales-ready buyers at the top.

Lead distribution: Automatically assign prospects to the salespeople who are in the best position to close the deal.

Lead nurturing: Educate prospects about your product or service to establish credibility, trust, and value.


Best CRM Software in 2024


1. Oas36ty Intelligent Office Automation Solutions


Welcome to Oas36ty, the SAAS-based office automation tool with a UX/UI interface, the one-of-a-kind office automation solution you can rely on. We are committed to transforming the way organizations run by offering a practical, time-saving, and budget-friendly solution that increases productivity and efficiency. With Oas36ty, you can bid farewell to tedious work and human mistakes and say hello to improved productivity.


Our mission is to enable companies of all sizes to operate more efficiently. We provide a comprehensive collection of features that address every facet of office automation since we understand the value of time and resources. Oas36ty includes everything, including workflow automation, email management, employee journey mapping, and more. You can easily automate processes and collaborate across platforms with our user-friendly interface and easy connection with well-known productivity software.


Experience the power of Oas36ty and realize the full potential of your company. Come along on this journey with us, and we promise to help you conserve time and resources, increase productivity, and promote success by working together. Try Oas36ty right away to discover the impact it may have on your business.


2. Salesforce

What is Salesforce?


Salesforce is one of the best sales force automation software for small businesses the large enterprises, salesforce has cloud CRM solutions to help sales reps everywhere and with user-friendly automation options.


Sales Force Automation (SFA Software) from Salesforce 


Sales Force Automation (SFA Software) from Salesforce is the most broadly utilized of deals apparatuses and deals computerization programming, speeding and smoothing out all periods of deals from leading the executives to examination and estimating. 


Key highlights: 

· Contact Management: Have a total perspective on your clients, including movement history, key contacts, client correspondences, and inner record conversations. Gain bits of knowledge from mainstream online media destinations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube — directly inside Salesforce.

· Opportunity Management: Get every one of the subtleties in your group's arrangements — stage, items, rivalry, statements, and the sky is the limit from there. Stay associated with individuals and data you need to bring each deal to a close.

· Salesforce Engage: Connect your business power to clients in only a single tick with customized deals crusades planned by promoting. You'll have the option to see how prospects are connecting with, you and utilize constant deals cautions to make the most of present opportunities.

· Salesforce Collaboration: Tap into the insight of your organization's informal community with Chatter. Get the assets you need to close more arrangements, quicker. Discover specialists, access serious data, and track bargains any place you are.

· Salesforce Performance Management: Drive group execution to an unheard-of level with Work.com. Set measurement-based objectives, give training notes, give nonstop criticism, and intensify winning practices with constant acknowledgment and prizes.


3. Freshsales


What is Freshsales?


Freshsales is a sales CRM product by Freshworks, making it easy for businesses of all scales to attract, close, manage, and nurture leads. With a highly intuitive User Interface and powerful features including built-in phone & email, visual deal pipeline, intelligent workflow automation, AI-based lead scoring, and customizable visual reports & dashboards.


Freshsales gives businesses everything essential to manage & scale sales without having to switch multiple tools. Freshsales is GDPR compliant with several GDPR-specific enhancements features. The Freshsales marketplace is currently hosting over 75 apps that are seamlessly integrated with it enhancing its productivity.

Some of the critical features of Freshsales include:

  • Two-way Email Sync
  • AI-based lead scoring
  • Workflow automation
  • Built-in phone and email
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Visual sales pipeline


The built-in email having two-way email sync ensures sales reps never leave the CRM to access their inbox. The email tracking feature enables the user to know when and how many times an email opens, or a link clicked on. The users are allowed to create personalized sales campaigns with email templates. Insightful email metrics help the users understand which emails performed well and which didn't.


Freshsales arrives with an in-built phone powered by Freshcaller that enables direct calling with a single click on the contact's phone number. The user can set up, buy the local numbers, enable call recording, and set up IVRs in a matter of a few minutes. The user is allowed to add notes, make appointments, as well as schedule tasks.


The 360-degree view gives the user an in-depth customer insight on prospects, allows them to plan relevant conversations, and track the touchpoints using an activity timeline. Also, Freshsales collects data & segments activities based on the behavior of a contact. The user gets a perspective on leads with lead scoring and prioritizes more critical follow-ups.


Now, the visual sales pipeline gives total visibility of deals at various stages. The user can sort & filter by close dates, which helps to make more guided decisions to climb up the sales ladder. Moreover, the drag-and-drop navigation lets the user move a deal across the sales pipeline to any stage.


The visual sales reports & revenue analytics monitor the progress of the sale and identify successful campaigns by source, territory, sales rep, and more. Freshsales mobile apps for Android and iOS lets the user access deals while on the move and stay up-to-date on prospects at all times.


4. EngageBay


What is EngageBay?


Stop paying thousands of dollars to dozens of marketing, sales, and support software. Experience the world's most affordable, unified software. EngageBay's all-in-one CRM software is the most comprehensive solution for your business.


EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs. CRM Software: Store unlimited contacts and build stronger relationships by keeping track of all your customer details in one place. Marketing Automation: Save time by automating your marketing processes and sending personalized messages to target audiences. Sales software: Sell like the pros with our exhaustive set of sales tools such as contact management, email tracking, telephony, appointment scheduling, project management, and gamification. Helpdesk Software: Resolve queries faster and deliver exceptional support to delight your customers. Live Chat Software: Boost customer happiness and increase conversions by offering instant help when your customers need it.


5. Hubspot CRM


What is Hubspot CRM?


HubSpot CRM helps businesses to keep a complete eye on every lead and touch point with those leads to track the lead status. Hubspot lead scoring framework assists deals with joining to lessen the time and endeavors in sifting through the mass lead.


HubSpot's CRM stage has every one of the apparatuses and incorporations you need for advertising, deals, content administration, and client support. Every item on the stage is incredible alone, however, genuine sorcery happens when you use them together.


6. Solid Performers CRM


What is Solid Performers CRM?


A in One Business Management Cloud CRM for dealing with all the leads, follow-up drives, customers, follow-up customers, propositions, proforma solicitations and solicitations, and numerous different highlights in a solitary board with simple-to-do dynamic settings.


Solid Performers CRM centers around improving the exhibition of your Business on an everyday premise. With Solid Performers, you can deal with every one of your Leads, Clients, Proposals, Proforma Invoices, Invoices, Products, Finances, and Employees day by day movement in one go. It accompanies an exceptionally customized dynamic settings board where you can change each and everything dependent on your business necessity. 


Followup Leads and Followup Clients will assist you with failing to miss a lead or customer follow-up and streamline business development. 


With the assistance of the Convert device, you can change a lead over to a customer or a Proposal to Proforma Invoice or a Proposal to Invoice or Proforma Invoice to Invoice in One Click. This will lessen your time and information crisscross of entering the information over and over. 


With different in-depth revealing, Solid Performers will help you to improve your Business Growth at untouched.


7. Zoho CRM


What is Zoho CRM?


Zoho CRM is a cloud-based, 360° business management platform that streamlines processes to deliver better customer experiences. Close deals faster with better visibility at every stage of your sales pipeline, omnichannel connectivity, and AI-powered tools.


Zoho CRM is a cloud-based omnichannel CRM platform designed for businesses of all types and sizes. Omnichannel communication enables business owners to reach their customers across multiple channels like telephone, email, live chat, and social media while centralizing information that empowers sales teams to have contextual and purposeful conversations. With Salesforce Automation, users can rely on workflows to get routine tasks done for them. Like Automating sales routines, follow-ups, scheduling tasks, sending emails, updating fields, etc.


These custom workflows significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks and enhance the productivity of the user. Sales Analytics is another key feature that provides in-depth data analysis to the user. From lead analytics to deal insights, activity stats, and email analytics, Zoho CRM's advanced analytics help monitor every aspect of the sales cycle. By creating customized dashboards with analytical widgets for sales, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels, the user can make data-driven decisions with customizable reports, and boost sales success with actionable data intelligence.


Sales Enablement Tool empowers sales teams to execute jobs in the most efficient way possible. Presenting sales data during the cycle adds to customer experience with Zoho CRM Finance Suite integrations. Integrations with Zoho Writer and Zoho Show enable sales teams to store sales data and access, edit, comment, and resolve their tasks with ease. Customers, Vendors, and Partners can access certain modules to enter information within Portals.


SalesInbox is powered to help sales teams sell smarter by prioritizing the emails that are most likely to turn into revenue. With a simple drag and drop to convert leads into contacts, and compare deals based on multiple parameters in the same view. Users won't have to guess why a campaign hasn't worked since Zoho CRM's easy-to-use sales enablement software will narrow down all the factors. This feature also uses data to learn what information, writing, or design elements clicked and what went unnoticed by prospects.


8. Kapture CRM


What is Kapture CRM?


Kapture CRM is the right technology to implement when you want effective communication with your customers. It can be defined as a software system designed to help you automate business processes.


Kapture CRM is an approach to dealing with customers and driving sales using automation, integrations and customization. CRM software can be defined as a software system designed to help you automate business processes using customer information to help you serve them better using data analytics. Kapture CRM focuses on a service-centric approach by giving customers an omnichannel experience and your workforce a single unified dashboard for handling all operations


9. LeadSquared – CRM


What is LeadSquared - CRM?


LeadSquared is a complete customer acquisition platform for businesses. It combines the features offered by both CRMs as well as Marketing Automation software and thus brings your Sales and Marketing teams on the same page.

Lead Capture Automation 

  • Responsive Landing Pages – Increase your traffic to lead change with versatile responsive greeting pages.
  • Site Widgets – Generate more leads from your current site traffic utilizing site gadgets. Consistent Lead
  • Capture – Seamlessly catch leads from every one of your sources – inbound email, online missions, calls, site, talk, lead age sites and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Promoting Automation 
    Trickle Marketing – Engage and sell nonstop with dribble showcasing and trigger-based messages. 
  • Division – Segment your contact records for lead supporting dependent on lead scores, conduct, geology, or any helpful variable. 
  • Personalization – Create and hold mindshare of your leads and clients by sharing customized substance and offers utilizing email and SMS. 
  • Deals Acceleration 
  • Mechanized Lead Scoring – Identify your possibilities with the most noteworthy potential for change with robotized lead scoring. 
  • Social Insights – Empower your deals to close arrangements quicker with incredible conduct bits of knowledge and nitty gritty action history for each lead. 
  • Deals Funnel – View your leads across different stages in the deals cycle and screen lead commitment at each stage. 
  • Promoting and Sales Analytics 
  • Lead Engagement Index – Get measured commitment experiences for any portion or gathering of leads. 
  • Promoting Insights – Deep bits of knowledge on crusades and lead sources driving qualified leads for your business. 
  • Deals Insights – Get lucidity on factors that drive your income. Lead sources, salesmen, item and administration contributions and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Increment your business speed with: - 

  • Lead Tracking – Manage and track every one of your leads till they convert. 
  • Email Integration – Generate more leads from your current site traffic utilizing site gadgets. 
  • Lead Qualification – Stop sitting around on garbage leads by qualifying them. 
  • Lead Distribution – Assign prompts significant deal groups dependent on topography, industry, and so forth. 
  • Deals Automation – Leave repetitive deals assignment to deals robotization. 
  • Deals Tracking – Get a solid handle on your business cycle.


10. Sage CRM


What is Sage CRM?


Sage CRM permits improved business dynamics, improves income, and lessens shortcomings relating to client information on the board. In particular, Sage CRM assists a business with changing client-driven. With shrewd detailing available to you, Sage CRM assists a business with conveying an ideal client experience.


Sage CRM programming offers sales reps the most unmistakable capacity to work from their cell phones or cell phones independent of where they are found topographically. This ensures that they get a lot of admittance to the moment, forward-thinking, and constant experiences relating to client information in any event, when on the run. Social CRM programming puts your business where your clients are for example online media channels, driving commitment and brand review. Sage CRM causes you to influence the force of wise client data and bits of knowledge to soar your deals.


Sage CRM is the best option to computerize Lead Management, Sales, and Opportunity the board and client administration programming utilized by a great many organizations around the world. Sage CRM smoothes out deals measure, cuts short deal cycles, and encourages you to make the most from your chances and prospects in your business pipeline. Sage CRM is a victor with regards to mechanizing basic deals undertakings like making orders/cites, anticipating deals, driving leads and afterward changing over them into promising circumstances utilizing more brilliant work processes.


What is CRM Lead Management?

You may wonder, what is CRM lead management? Put simply, this refers to the process of turning your business leads into paying customers. It's relatively easy to make contact with your prospects. For instance, you can contact your prospect on social media. But, once you make contact, what's the next thing you do? Once you get information about your prospects, you must make the right move to ensure you convince them why they should buy from you. This is where lead management comes in.


Importance of Lead Management

Before getting into detail about the lead management process, it's important to understand why your business needs lead management. If you've been in business for years, you will attest to the fact that lead generation is not easy. It can be costly if not done correctly.


Focus on the right leads

One of the main benefits of using lead management is that it helps you to focus on the right leads. This is done through a process called Sales Qualified Leads. Here, you can draw a line between qualified and unqualified leads. Some leads are just not worth it. With the right lead management approach, you can invest more time in nurturing qualified leads. These are high-value leads that could easily be converted into loyal customers.


Maximize your marketing strategies and advertising

Lead management will also help you discern the best platforms that generate the most leads for your business. Of course, there are instances where some platforms perform better than others, depending on the type of business you're running. For example, more leads for your business can be generated on Facebook as compared to Twitter. With this information, you can focus on platforms that work for your business. So, you end up spending less on advertising and marketing your products or services.


Enhances buying experience

Customers will be happier if they spend their money wisely. Providing them with educational materials about your products/services is one effective way to educate them. In addition, you can understand your customers better through the data you collect from content management. After that, you can send your prospects relevant content that answers their questions.


Boost marketing and sales productivity

Marketing is easier when you separate quality leads from the rest. This means that you can tailor your marketing campaigns to reach sales management that could be nurtured and converted into loyal customers.



How to choose the best cloud-based CRM sales lead management Software?

You need to ensure that your cloud-based sales management tool ticks the following boxes: generate and organize leads from various channels, provide sales enablement tools to help sales reps close more leads, provide accurate sales forecasts, manage your sales pipeline, use artificial intelligence to improve sales productivity, provide a platform that can be customized to your needs, automate marketing activities, provide powerful analytics tools to let you make data-driven decisions, and on top of all provide ample security to keep your data as well your lead/customer data from falling into the wrong hands.

What is customer lead management System?

Oas36ty Lead management software helps organizations qualify incoming leads, analyze and nurture them so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter your lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals. You need to have a lead management platform in place if you want to make the most of prospects who are interested in your product or service.

What is a lead tracking and management System?

Lead tracking is the process of identifying the source of leads, actively monitoring where leads are in the sales and marketing funnel, and pursuing appropriate actions to move the lead to the next stage and close the sale.

Oas36ty software for CRM & Lead management system is the overall end-to-end process of managing the lead lifecycle. This involves capturing and acquiring leads from different sources, qualifying them, distributing them to sales reps, tracking and recording online and offline interactions, such as emails, ad clicks, website visits, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

How to track opportunity in CRM for lead management?

The primary method of opportunity tracking in any CRM for leads management is through the Pipeline View. Every opportunity within a pipeline can be readily seen, in the stage in which it currently resides. The Kanban view in OAS36TY CRM shows all your records, arranged in specific categories. One quick glance at it, and you will be able to see how your pipeline looks and attend to the bottlenecks.

What is lead in sales management?

In sales, a lead is a person interested in your product/service, is actively looking for it in the market, and has a budget to buy it.

How many Benefits of lead management process?

An effective lead management software for small business helps you - automate lead generation and assignment from different sources, improve team productivity with AI generated insights, engage with leads contextually in the best time possible, segment and nurture lead with personalized experiences, measure and improve your CRM lead management process and streamline for maximum efficiency.

Why do You need CRM lead software?

By keeping all the leads tracking, you generate from various channels organized and stored in a central place, a well-equipped CRM for lead management system can help you engage your leads systematically, track their status, convert them into deals and use business intelligence to analyse and improve your overall sales process.

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